Friday, June 5, 2009

Re-Branding Grows Medical Center 62% in One Fiscal Year

Mosiac LogoBack in 2001 the original “Central Oregon Partnership” played a significant role in the startup of Prineville-based Mosaic Medical, then known as Ochoco Health Clinic. Over the years we have continued to quietly work with the management of Mosaic, and have watched admiringly as their clinics have grown from the initial one in Prineville to the three they have today, including Bend and Madras. Over those years, Mosaic has held the title of being the best kept secret in the region, where affordable health care is concerned anyway.

In the latter part of 2007, we sat down with Mosaic’s management and talked about the need to reposition their organization. That repositioning would primarily take the form of re-branding, which would include a new name, new tag line, new mission statement, and the development of a targeted marketing program. Thanks to the fine work of the Sublime Design Group, this was accomplished by the summer of 2008, and our longstanding silent partner quickly broke out of its silence. People began to listen.

What a successful partnership it has been - for us and for the people we serve! This fiscal year Mosiac is on track to record 47,000 patient visits, up from 29, 000 the year before. That’s a mind-boggling 62% increase in patient visits, a huge increase by anyone’s standards.

What Mosaic contributes...

Mosaic’s contributions to the community include:
• Providing access to quality, affordable healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured.
• Providing a treatment option for Medicare-insured patients.
• Providing Medicaid-funded treatment to low-income children.
• Coordinating access to dental care for low-income individuals through the voluntary efforts of area dentists.
• Coordinating access to mental health care for low-income individuals through partnerships with county mental health offices.
• Coordinating access to low-cost prescription drugs through local pharmacies and manufacturers
• Coordinating access to discounted lab and x-ray services for uninsured patients.
• Providing interpreting services to meet the needs to meet the needs of area residents who do not speak English.
• Reducing the burden on emergency rooms by seeing uninsured patients for chronic health conditions who would otherwise have no recourse to any facility but the emergency room for medical care.
• Providing medical services to inmates in local jails—a role which allows counties to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations while relieving them of the difficult burden of finding medical providers to care for this hard-to-serve population.

Mosaic is led by Charla Dehate, it’s focused and effective Executive Director. She’s as fine a manager and leader as anyone we know, and it’s no accident that Mosaic has become the region’s leader in providing affordable health care.

Congratulations to one of our favorite partners for their outstanding contribution to the health of our region. May your successes continue, although in the interest of your sanity, preferably at a slower pace.


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